Listserv Policies

NELA’s listserv is an email discussion group which serves as a forum for the distinctive needs of the NELA community. The list can be used to share ideas, post agendas and locate collaborators for projects.
To Subscribe

All current NELA members are automatically subscribed to the listserv. The email address that you provided to NELA is the one the listserv will use. If you have not logged into your account under your email address, you must do so to reset your password. If you have a problem, please contact NELA’s Library Association Administrator at

If you are not a NELA member, but feel you have a legitimate need to participate in the list, please email our Technology Contractor at NELA reserves the right to accept or reject non-NELA members.

Sending a Message to the List
Send your posts to All posts are moderated, so it may take some time to approve your message.

Unless there is an obvious reason to edit (e.g. you include a message concerning your post above the message itself), your message will be posted as-is, including formatting, embedded links, and attachments.

To Unsubscribe from the List
If you no longer wish to receive NELA listserv messages, please send a request to our Technology Contractor at When unsubscribed, you will receive a confirmation message.